The main goal of Legal Services Law Firm is to achieve the tasks set by the clients and to protect their interests to the fullest extent possible. With this in mind, we expect our clients to provide maximum cooperation by providing accurate, timely and precise information about the cases we are handling.

Contract for legal assistance

Following an initial consultation with a client and/or written advice if desired, we offer a contract for legal assistance, outlining the scope of legal services, the deadlines for the completion of the work, and possibly the fee details if it is determined at that point. The law firm remains responsible for the execution of the assigned work, and the tasks will be assigned to a separate attorney, a member of the team. The firm will provide you with full contact information for the attorney responsible for your case, who will remain at your disposal should you need any information or assistance regarding your case.


The firm will treat all information provided by our clients, and related to the cases we are handling, as personal and confidential.

According to the Law on Advocacy, all attorney books, files, correspondence with clients, electronic documents, computer equipment, and other information carriers are inviolable and cannot be reviewed, copied, checked, or removed.

The firm guarantees that the statements, advice, and written documents prepared for your case are for your use only and cannot be copied or used by third parties without our written consent. All archived correspondence is stored in the firm for a period of five years, after which they are subject to destruction, unless you explicitly wish for copies of the documents in your case to be retained for longer.

Client Account

All financial resources received on your account outside of our fees will be held in a client account. These funds will only be spent according to your instructions and for the payment of any applicable taxes and disbursements. Upon request, we will provide you with a report on the funds available and their movement. Unused funds will be returned to you after the completion of the case and payment of any disbursements and fees.

Legal Fees

The size of legal fees is determined based on the time spent and material interest in accordance with the professional experience and competence invested in the work and reflects the time spent by the working lawyers on the case.

The fees do not include disbursements for the conduct of the respective case and correspondence, such as costs for depositing of evidence, court, state and bank fees, photocopying, postal and courier services, travel expenses, etc.

The designated contact attorney for your case will keep you informed of the amount reached by the fees and disbursements at each stage of the work. Payment of disbursements and fees will be made following the issuing of a preliminary invoice, which will specify all amounts payable by you for disbursements, taxes and fees. A proper invoice will be issued to you for the payable and paid fees.

If any payment is not made on time, we reserve the right to stop working on this case, with the work done to date still payable. In the event that a specific case remains unresolved for reasons beyond our control, only the work done up to that point will be payable.

Special features in the payment of disbursements in court proceedings.

The court usually awards disbursements to the losing party, but if the claim is partially granted, the fees, disbursements and legal fees will be borne by both parties in proportion to the degree of success of their claims.