Legal Services Law Firm was founded in 2003 and over the years has established itself as an independent firm, with a successful and efficient practice, bringing together a team of competent, responsible and experienced lawyers.

The firm aims to provide comprehensive support and to fully meet the requirements of our clients, offering them business-oriented solutions based on professionalism, correctness and loyalty.


Legal services law firm provides a wide range of legal services and consultations in the areas of civil, administrative, and public law.

The main goal of Legal services law firm is to provide professional service to clients through teamwork and consultation with specialists in the relevant fields when necessary.

Our team provides services in the following areas of activity:


The main goal of the law firm “Legal Services” is to achieve the tasks set by the clients and to protect their interests to the fullest extent possible. With this in mind, we expect our clients to provide maximum cooperation by providing accurate, timely and precise information about the cases we are handling.